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High quality industrial products covering a broad range of product segments truly demonstrates Nitto Kohki's capacity to deliver a diverse product range including market leading products with unmatched performance and reliability.

The Nitto Kohki product range consists of Machine Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Quick Release Couplings, Linear compressors and vacuum pumps and more. Nitto Kohki continues to lead the way in the market by way of endless product development from our advanced research and development departments.

All products are manufactured to ISO9002 Quality Standards in addition to the adoption of Green Procurement policies to ensure our product's impact on the environment is minimal or nil.


Australian Made High Speed Steel Broach / Annular Cutters combining superior technology in Geometry and Heat Treatment to provide a durable cost efficient product suitable for all grades of Mild Steel. Designed for maximum performance with the Atra Ace range of Magnetic Base Drills.

An additional range of Cembre C8 railway line and hard metal cutters are also manufactured in Australia.

We also supply our Japanese-made JETBROACH Tungsten Carbide Tipped Cutters that come in 25, 35, 50 and 75mm depths in dia 12 to 100mm.


High quality Japanese manufactured pneumatic tools specialising in fastening tools. Kuken's range of Impact Wrenches includes both conventional and ergonomic models which offer the widest range of fastening applications. Kuken's patented 'N' Clutch mechanisms provide the ultimate in user comfort and safety by way of reduced vibration and noise levels with the highest performance. Ideal tools for underground use for example in mining site applications.


High quality Italian manufactured products with key products specialising in Railway applications including Rail Drilling, electrical signalling, bonding connectors and associated tooling for specific applications. All products are manufactured to ISO9002 quality standards and provide user comfort, safety and cost performance.

The range of RAILBORE railway line cutters are also available, proudly manufactured in Australia by Nitto Kohki Manufacturing, specially to suit Cembre's Rail Drills.

Nitto Kohki Australia Manufacturing

Nitto Kohki Australia Manufacturing Division was established in 1993 with the purpose to manufacture High Speed Steel cutters to supply to the Australian Market, following the demand created through the sales developments of the Atra Ace range of magnetic based drills.

It is with pride that we continue to improve the quality and performance of our cutters to ensure the Australian Made product remains the leading Broach Cutter in the Australian Market. Formerly, our Broach Cutters were manufactured and sold under the Austbroach trademark and in 2009 we redesigned and registered the new OZBROACH Trademark to further enforce the Australian Made, Nitto Kohki quality to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Nitto Kohki and Continental

We are proud to promote and sell our range of Air Hose Assemblies featuring one of the highest regarded American made hoses. Together Continental and Genuine Nitto Cupla provide the industry with a truly high quality hose assembly.

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