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Minimum Order Value
In these uncertain times post-Covid19 Nitto Kohki, like many other businesses, are striving to improve efficiencies throughout our organisation. As part of this larger improvement exercise, Nitto Kohki Australia have been reviewing our sales order processing activities.

During this investigation we have determined that we receive a substantial number of orders with a sales value of less than $100. As you can imagine the same amount of steps and employee time and attention is required to process small orders as for larger orders, however there is a point at which processing an order becomes too costly to complete.

With this in mind Nitto Kohki will be drawing to a close any future orders with a sales value of less than $100 from 1st July 2020. We would appreciate it if you could ensure your order meets this threshold by upping quantities of items ordered in one go or by holding an existing order until there is sufficient stock to surpass this $100 threshold.

Minimum Order Value
Nitto Kohki are introducing a minimum order value of $100 as of 01 July 2020.

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