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Bisalloy & Stainless Steel Drilling
The RAILBORE railway line cutters are proudly manufactured in Australia by Nitto Kohki Australia Manufacturing, specially to suit Cenbre's Rail drills.

Selected sizes are available from 13mm - 33mm diameter in both 25mm and 50mm cutting depths.

Railway Line Drilling:
- All types including Head Hardened Rail
- Designed for use in Cembre Rail Drills
- Suitable for all other Rail drills, using 3/4" Weldon Shanks drilling
- Drilling with water soluble cutting Fluid is recommended
- Suitable for Resharpening
  • All to be used on lowest speed
    * 220rpm Free Speed * 110rpm Load Speed
  • Use BHM03050 Broach Holder
  • Use a 5 litre Pressure Pack for Coolant
  • Use water soluble coolant mixture 1:1 to maximise tool life
  • For Bisalloy up to 360 grade max. diameter 32mm x 50mm
  • Remove the skin from bisalloy plates and allow all teeth to be well into the cut before maximum feed is applied

RAILBORE 25mm Cutters
RAILBORE Cutters - Long Series
Model: RAILBORE 25mm Cutters
25mm Depth of Cut
Model: RAILBORE Cutters
50mm Long Series
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