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We are proud to promote and supply the latest hose technology in PVC Air Hose supplied by Continental, made in USA. The PLOVIC GS 3/8" Hose features the latest technology using synthetic yarn reinforcement and boasts a great working temperature range of -23 deg C to +70 deg C, which covers the vast range of temperatures experienced throughout all states and territories in Australia.

The combination of Nitto Kohki's 200 Series 'One-Touch' Cuplas and Continental's PLOVIC hose and compatible crimping system guarantees all users of the highest Quality and Safety.

We can also proudly confirm the tested burst pressure of these assemblies was measured at a very impressive 2,100PSI. To further qualify the superior crimping system we can confirm the Nitto Cupla and Crimp stayed unaffected from the Burst Pressure Test, the hose itself initiated the burst.
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