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Designed for use in Railway applications, to provide a consistent and accurate hole, in all types of weather conditions. Due to its compact size, our drill can save considerable time by allowing direct operation in cases which would normally require removal of obstructions. Special twist drill bits can be used for hole diameters 7 to 22mm on rail up to 45mm thick. Whilst broach cutters can be used for hole diameters 13 to 32mm on rails up to 55mm thick.
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Category Videos
Rail Drill in Action

Rail Drill LD-42P
Rail Drill LD-1P
Model: LD-42P
Honda 4 Stroke Rail Drill
Model: LD-1P
LD-1P is specifically designed for use in Railway applications.
Rail Drill LD-2E
Rail Drill LD-4EF
Model: LD-2E
LD-2E has been specifically designed for use in Railway applications.
Model: LD-4EF
Rail Drill LD-8H - Hydraulic
Rail Drill LD-12B - Battery
Model: LD-8H
Rail Drill LD-8H
Model: LD-12B
Rail Drill LD-12B
LD-16B EcoDrill
Model: LD-16B
Rail Drill LD-16B
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