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Innovative Compact Designed Machines With Advanced Safety Systems And Features That Deliver Cost Effective Performance
The new Atra Ace Manual Feed models WO-3250A and AO-5575A incorporates the Worlds first manual feed machines with "Overload Protection" Technology. This new feature is a breakthrough in the Manual drill market, formally only found on the high end Nitto Kohki automatic drills.

The advanced technology featured in our AO-5575A displays the current drill status via the LED load indicator providing greater control for the operator.

The steel fabrication industry can now experience a cutting edge drill management system designed solely around saving time and money.

NITTO KOHKI's Automatic Feed Atra Ace range are designed to boost productivity in the steel fabrication industry, with high performance and premium cost control.

All Atra Ace models incorporate Nitto Kohki's patented 'one-touch' arbour system, no tools required to replace cutters.

Come and experience the world's most advanced magnetic based drilling units.

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