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Nitto Kohki's extensive range of Professional Pneumatic Tools provides users with advanced labour saving and improved work efficiency with a high focus on safety and comfort.
Historically, the line up has delivered several Industry Benchmarks with key achievements in providing high quality and performance tools for Grinding, Sanding, Scaling, chipping, drilling and filing for various Industrial applications. With the continual development and product improvement Nitto Kohki leads the way with their supreme Pneumatic tools line up.

Kuken's precision range of Professional Pneumatic Tools provides industries a superb range of Impact Wrenches and Drills. With Kuken's continual focus on high quality, quality control and performance in addition to user safety, the advanced range of fastening tools is realised.
Kuken's patented range of 'N' Type Wrenches delivers low vibration, low noise and low air consumption without limiting the end torque performance. When User Safety is paramount select Kuken's 'N' Type range to minimise injuries due to other high vibrating Impact Wrenches. Kuken line up also includes an extensive range of conventional 'Hammer Type' Impact Wrenches.

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