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OZBROACH High Speed Steel Cutters


For use with Nitto Kohki's Atra Ace Magnetic Drill and most other Atra Ace type machines.
  • Made of High Quality, High Speed Steel.
  • One-Touch Cutter - No tools required to change cutter
  • Self-centering to extend cutter life.
  • Single pass cutting needs no pilot hole.
  • Only the edge of the hole is cut,
    thus reducing drilling time.
  • Produces less swarf than conventional drilling.
  • Edge-hole cutting
  • For Heavy Duty Industrial use
  • Cutting in H-beams
  • Overlapped cutting
  • Edge-hole cutting
  • 20mm Depth Of Cut: 12 - 27mm Dia. x 20mm Long
  • 25mm Depth Of Cut: 12 - 50mm Dia. x 25mm Long
  • 50mm depth of Cut: 12 - 50mm Dia. x 50mm Long
  • 75mm Depth of Cut: 18 - 32mm Dia. x 75mm Long
  • Can be fitted to Atra Ace and most other brands of Atra Ace type machines.

OZBROACH Countersink
OZBROACH 20mm Speed Cutters
Model: OZBROACH Countersink
Model: OZBROACH 20mm Speed Cutters
20mm Depth of Cut
OZBROACH 25mm HSS Cutters
OZBROACH 50mm HSS Cutters
Model: OZBROACH 25mm HSS Cutters
Model: OZBROACH 50mm HSS Cutters
OZBROACH 75mm HSS Cutters
Model: OZBROACH 75mm HSS Cutters
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